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This farm is connected to another account...

ToneyToney Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

I downloaded the game on my iphone x (ios 13.5.1), login to one fb account, showed my 5 years old if he wanted to play this farm game. he said yes, so i installed the game on his ipad mini for him.

i deleted the game from my iphone. reinstalled the game and tried to log in with another fb account so that i can play co-op with him. this is when the problem starts, every time i tried to login to fb, it will say that "the farm is connected to another account". i checked the player id and it is the same as the one on my son's ipad mini.

i tried clearing all cache from my safari. uninstalled the app from settings (instead of just pressing X on the app icon) but the problem remain. The player id is always the same after each reinstall hence "the farm is connected to another account".

i tried logging out from my game center, reinstall but the player id is still the same. It's as though there is some remnants of data from the first install that was never cleared out.

i am at my wits end over this. worse case scenario is i have to forgo this game and download another farm game for my son. so any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.



  • ToneyToney Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

    okay an update on what i have done so far. OMG.. i can't take another Marie tutorial anymore.

    1. Sign out from appstore, sign out from fb, clear safari cache. removed the app from the fb that i am trying to connect the game, reinstall. still "bla bla connected to another account".
    2. Sign out from appstore, used a different appstore account, sign out and deleted the first fb account used to login the first time on my phone, reinstall. "bla bla connected to another account".
    3. Sign out from appstore, used back my original account, reinstall. set phone to airplane mode. play tutorial (again), connect back to wifi, tried to sign in fb. "bla bla connected to another account".
    4. try to install the game on another ipad with the same appstore account. SUCCESS!

    i think i have tried my best to install this on my phone. f**k this game. you can only install and connect it to one fb account from one device. if you need to change the account from that device, it is not possible.

  • PrincessPITAPrincessPITA Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I play the game on my mobile phones and iPad device. I have two accounts, two player IDS, separate emails, game center, FB, etc.,; but last week, somehow, the games merged and I only have one player ID now. I cannot find my player IDs. The levels are different - one at 129 and the other on level 100 [I believe]. I enjoy playing FV2CE [addicted] on my phones, my ipad, it's my down time kind of game. I have tried everything I have read, remove, reinstall, wifi, no wifi, log-out of everything, log back in.. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Same player ID on both phones. I started one game all over, level 1, but when it got to "that level" to connect to game center or FB - it went back to the wrong level. Ugh!!! I sent message; but waiting to hear on getting some assistance. First time this has happened that I could not resolve it myself when I starting over.

  • paulaspaulas Registered User Posts: 111 Cloudylicious

    @Toney uninstall facebook from your phone. It will force you to enter a facebook password on your game you are adding. After you have the game loaded you can reinstall facebook. I hope this helps.

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