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valentine event

austintony01austintony01 Registered User Posts: 56 This Space is Available

why did the recipe for the crazy crust change from a baked potato to a stuffed potato after i installed the new updates to the game?


  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Registered User Posts: 48 Building Expert

    Because they had an ingredient the lower levels couldn't make, so the dinner oven didn't show anything for them. But, lower levels also Don't have machine upgrades yet so each LBP takes 4 hours to make. And they don't have many farmhands (just the basics that have shown up 4-6) so they can't be in many places at once to collect ingredients. AND the item they couldn't make takes a dinner oven, so now they can make it with LBP's in the dinner oven but need 8 hours of making time for the Loaded baked potatoes BEFORE they can make the crazy crust. Each time & it takes many event items to get one completed reward.
    Zynga really showed lack of forethought to high & low levels with this event & fix

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