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How do we report a support employee advising players to use apps other than game app?

Bar34Bar34 Registered User Posts: 315 Unstained Chieftain

A coop member contacted player support about a leaderboard player. Support responded that leaderboard player is using an app with features that the game is yet to have. Then advised reporter to contact friend and ask friend to share app.

I can provide moderators with a copy of the email.


  • LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

    This is a tricky one because Zynga only has one form of contact, and that's email so you can't really get in contact with anyone that would matter. I would contact support and explain to them what happened. I would also attach the photos as proof. Knowing Zynga though, they are not going to do anything about it. I'm pretty sure them telling your coop member that they are using an app was illegal for them, because they are not allowed to discuss cases like that especially when it comes to other players cheating. All you can do is reach out to Zynga, I would choose the option for "Report Abuse" when going to contact them. And like I said, make sure to attach the photos. I always use tinypic.com when attaching photos for them since they don't have that option. That way they have the link to look at any attachments you have. If it's an actual copy of the email, I would just contact support for "Report Abuse" and then tell them you have copies of the email that you can provide once they respond and then attach it like normal in an email. I hope this makes sense!!

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