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What level do new players need to get to so they can participate in Marie’s board

DeniseWittDeniseWitt Registered User Posts: 19 Muffin

I am a co-op leader with several new members and I really want to be a good leader but I need to know when my members have access to certain things like Marie’s board and the boat race. I am at a higher level and I really can’t remember exactly when you can start participating


  • missyamyammissyamyam Registered User Posts: 132 The Pesky Helper
    edited July 2019
    Hello @DeniseWitt
    If memory serves, a player needs to be at least level 30 to participate in both Marie’s and Boat Race. I could be wrong. I got Marie’s upgraded order board at level 27 back then.

    Read a post here recently saying she was level 31, yet no access to Marie. Though, she had a timer to unlock it. Or early access with keys, of course.

    Hope this helps.
  • paulaspaulas Registered User Posts: 111 Cloudylicious

    Level 33 on the boat races. Level 38 on the water plots. Level 25 starts a 14 day timer for Marie's Board. As long as you are to level 27 in that time period your board will switch. You can do the early buy in but still have to be to level 27 to switch boards. Good luck with your coop @DeniseWitt.

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