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How do you get more plots for the water plots. I opened up the 2nd plot and there is nothing there.

MaggieHMaggieH Registered User Posts: 5 Not a Title, but a Star

How do I get more stuff to grow in the water plots? Where can I make krill?


  • robbos64robbos64 Registered User Posts: 91 Dramachine

    you don't get them as yet as had mine for months now and still waiting, and loads still waiting to get the water plots as don't have yet. Just like the boat rac there's 100's still waiting for that to start as which the thing been coming soon, mmm think that was well before Xmas as well and still coming soon....

  • RosRos Registered User Posts: 182 Fisherman
    edited June 2019

    @MaggieH The water plots are empty when you open them up. You need to buy the harp seal from the store. Click on the shopping till bottom left of your screen and select the animal tab.

  • RosRos Registered User Posts: 182 Fisherman

    @MaggieH You make krill by feeding shrimp to the harp seal.

  • Roslin BrownlieRoslin Brownlie Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 29 Clueless Cookie

    Most of my coop has the water plots I don’t have them yet I wish I did as the more that has them we can all help each other ,I think it’s ridiculous the time it’s taken to give us them and sick of seeing the notice it’s a slow roll out and checking for stability it certainly is a slow roll out it’s been about 7 months since the water plots started and is it going to be another 7 months if not more before the rest gets them why can’t zynga give the ones that’s not got them a date it’s not fair we are always the last to get anything

  • RosRos Registered User Posts: 182 Fisherman
    edited July 2019

    @Roslin Brownlie - It takes time! So many players. Our co-op has only just got the boat race and it”s been out for ages. In the meantime, enjoy the game. The water plots do allow you to harvest extra crops, but they can slow you down in events as you can only harvest a limited amount, even using speed seed.

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