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County Fair Groups keep changing

scarfinvscarfinv Registered User Posts: 21 Delightful Duckling

Why is it that my county fair group keeps changing? I've been in at least 15 different groups this week. I was in one group for about 4 days, worked really hard, got into first place with about 80,000 pts. I do NOT cheat. I'm level 69, and obtaining those points I worked hard with some coins only boosts, and just crafting lots of stuff due to the leadership event that is also running.

Yesterday, I was put into a different group. I contacted Zynga, and they basically accused me of cheating. They said that they move people around to keep a fair playing level. As I said, I'm level 69, and it took me a good 4-5 days to get those 80,000 pts. They put me into a group with people at level 299, 275, 189, etc.

Just now I exited the game, and opened it again. I'm in yet another totally different group. I'm in 2nd place now with about 90,000 pts. I'm 1.3 MILLION points behind the level 203 person in front of me.

How on earth could they accuse me of cheating, and then put me with someone with a total of 1,464,800 pts (as of this minute)?

Something is REALLY wrong with county fair.

I was so excited at the beginning of this week to finally make it out of Platinum and into Ruby. All I wanted was to win honestly, and earn Walter for the week, and hopefully a few pins to make my stations faster.


  • scarfinvscarfinv Registered User Posts: 21 Delightful Duckling

    Now Zynga suggests that I'm changing the time settings on my machine. I have done no such thing.

    I've also had the members in the group change while I am playing the game! i.e. without exiting the game and coming back in. All I have done click on the country fair wagon a couple times, and there will be different people in the group. This situation has happened 2 or 3 times today.

    Another person in my co-op experiencing the same symptoms, and is also not getting any meaningful solutions from Zynga.

  • scarfinvscarfinv Registered User Posts: 21 Delightful Duckling
    edited April 2019

    Here it is 6 hours later. I've gone back in to Farmville, and now I'm in another group, with a completely different set of players. Now I'm 6th. I have not done anything to my PC, other than exit the game, do some other work on my computer, and then start up the game again.

  • scarfinvscarfinv Registered User Posts: 21 Delightful Duckling
    edited April 2019

    I have tried a few things and noticed that after I start up the game, it takes a while for the popup to appear asking me whether I want to play the version on the cloud or the local version. I suspect that when I start the game, it isn't remembering my county fair group, and just puts me in a new group. If I choose the local version, I get a new group, if I choose the cloud it remembers the previous group.

    I also wonder if it was not saving to the cloud properly. Because I also noticed when I selected the cloud version (from my laptop), it had the county fair group that I was in about 6 days ago. So it was a very old version that it found on the cloud, even though I'd been playing for days on my laptop and also on my desktop.

    On my desktop, the popup to choose which version to play can also be triggered by moving my mouse out of farmville to do something else (I have two monitors, with farmville on one), and then moving it back in.

    The latest email from Zynga said groups are based on "player engagement". That's fine, but why would the group change hourly at times!

    I think they have a problem, and have no idea what it is, or how to fix it.

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