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Seeking More Members Lvl 25+

LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

Hello everyone! Me and my co-op are seeking active members level 25+ to help with Marie's Orders and the Boat Race.
The name of the co-op is Richie and the photo is the square one with the rooster. The co-op is locked and will require for any members looking to join to ask, but I check it multiple times a day so I definitely won't miss it.
If anyone has any questions post a reply here or message me on here. Hope to see you at the co-op :)


  • LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

    Just to inform everyone who reads this in the future. I have left this co-op and would not recommend anyone join it. The leader, Ric, is greedy when it comes to the boat race competition. The whole month I was in there he was ALWAYS the top contributor, and this week I had the lead on him by a LOT. I had 15 tasks and 3 bonus tasks when he was only on number 7 task. Today, he goes and gets ALL of the tasks with the biggest points and then uses 100s of keys to surpass me on the boat race and become the top contributor. An example, he chose to do the task where you send farmhands to the mill 6 times. In 25 minutes this task was miraculously completed. Then out of nowhere he surpassed me by 200 points without even starting his bonus challenges. When I asked him how he passed me up so fast he bragged about how he had more keys and now he was finally the top contributor again. I wouldn't mind that if he was never the top contributor but he was constantly the top contributor so I didn't understand his need to use so many keys just to get top contributor. Again for the 100th time. It was annoying to say the least. That, along with the fact that he'll talk **** about other co-op members out in the open, is the reason I wouldn't recommend joining this co-op.

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