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Boat races and privacy

M1P4M1P4 This Space Is AvailableRegistered User Posts: 384 Social Snowflake
edited July 2018 in Ask a Question

I just noticed, that at the Boat Races, on the Co-op Stats screen, everyone's full names are shown. Not just the first name and the initial of the last name as it is everywhere else. I don't think this is a good idea. Not everyone wants their full names revealed to whomever wants to know it.

Not an issue for me or my co-op at this moment, but we can't know what kind of new members we get, so in that aspect it's a problem for us too.


  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    I don't have the races yet, but I agree. This is a really bad call on zynga's part. Should be changed asap.

  • Knows WheatKnows Wheat Super Moderator Guest Posts: 1,663 The Chosen One

    Thank you for raising this, @M1P4. We'll let the team know about the full names being displayed on Boat Race. Appreciate your feedback, @Irraya. :+1:

  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 384 Social Snowflake
    edited October 2018

    Bumping up this thread, since the problem still is not completely fixed. On the screen where we can check what other people are working on, still shows full names. Could this please be fixed asap. It can cause a lot of problems in terms of privacy and staying anonymous just in case some really mean peoplel join a coop and if they can't be removed fast enough.

  • paulaspaulas Registered User Posts: 111 Cloudylicious

    @M1P4 I just checked my boat races. We only have a few showing real name. Maybe it goes by facebook name. Mine just shows my first name. But, I have the box checked to only use that name in my settings. Maybe have them try turning that feature on and see if it takes the whole name off. Just a thought.

  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 384 Social Snowflake
    edited October 2018

    Yes. If one uses a guest name it only shows that, but for those who don't use it and login with fb have their full names shown. I could suggest all in ours to use the guest name, but there would still be all the other players out there that have their account revealed. Thank you for the suggestion anyway.

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