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Prize pigs

McRebelHeartMcRebelHeart Registered User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

I was wondering if you could create a system that lets us know how much we are progressing weight wise after costume mode has been met. So we can tell if we’re feeding enough for silver and gold costumes. I have fed my pigs and sheep 4x’s over the 4 stage and sometimes still don’t receive a silver or gold costume.
I would rather have a variety of costumes, instead of mostly first stage costumes.
It makes me not want to feed after they say that I’ve hit costume mode.


  • paulaspaulas Registered User Posts: 111 Cloudylicious

    @McRebelHeart I spent months trying to feed my pigs to gold. When the sheep rolled out I finished all of them twice as fast as I did the sheep and only fed till costume mode. Once I reached costume mode the costume was random. Sometimes gold sometimes silver. The only difference is the prizes are a little better when you continue to feed. In my case not worth all the extra inventory it took to continue to feed them. I fed a sheep to 1100 pounds once and only got the first tier of gold. The next one to costume mode was the last tier of gold I needed. Good luck with your prized pigs. I hope this helps.

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