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Fully upgraded, what next?

carwarscarwars MuffinRegistered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

I play this game a lot and am at level 209. I have fully upgraded all my machines, crops and trees. Are the non prized animals going to be upgradable any time soon, if at all? If not my timber is just going to cap when it reaches 30,000. What else can i do with it to prevent it from capping? My farm is full. I have 3 of each machine and no space for more, thanks.


  • IwateGuyIwateGuy The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious

    From what you're saying, I presume your coins are probably already capped so how are you dealing with that? Try for the same approach with the timber. Some events ask us to craft certain items using timber. When one comes along, craft a bunch of them. Avoid the order board and spend more time on orders for the mariner or for Eddie, for example.

    These all seem to be pretty obvious to me but I don't play a lot (anymore) and am nowhere near level 209.

  • carwarscarwars Muffin Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    Hi WateGuy, thanks for your reply. Every time my coins are due to cap i use them at prospectors corner for extra turns. I also buy boosts for the county fair with them so i'm managing to keep them just below capping. Thats a good point about making items with timber for events though, however, its usually leaderboard events where thats possible but because i'm such a high level i always get put in a very competitive group where i find it really difficult to stay in the top five. The last few leaderboard events ive tried to do, people were already at nearly 100,000 when i joined. Theres just no competing with that so i tend not to continue with them. Thanks for the idea though, i could use my timber to make items for my fellow co op members who are at a lower level :)

  • IwateGuyIwateGuy The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious

    A thought that occurs to me is that you may have a lot of decorations down. I'll guess that your farm has all the expansions up to your level. My bigger farm is only level 70-ish and space for buildings is not a problem. I have 3 of some, 2 of most and I could easily fit lots more. Your farm should be bigger than mine so that's why I'm thinking decorations might be taking up a lot of space.. Remove some of the deco and you could put in more buildings that will need more timber.

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