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Animal Park Makes Me Unable to Play

EchoEcho Registered User Posts: 71 Black Sheep of ze Internet

Does anyone else have this problem? When I got to the proper level, I started the animal park and got all the repairs completed and then - the entire game stopped working. The activity already underway on the map continued, but I could neither move to a different part of the map nor interact with anything on it.

I managed to get the game to work again after trial and error, and the Animal Park shows as not started - but to this day, almost 30 levels later, every 2-4 weeks all of a sudden I'll get a notice from the Park, the Park icon will appear on the screen, the Park itself suddenly shows as repaired, and then - my ability to play goes away.

I play on a Windows 10 laptop. What I have to do at this point is to force close the game (Escape button disabled), then go to Settings/Apps/Farmville 2/Advanced Options and do a Reset. Then restart and play the beginning up to the point where I can log into Facebook. Then content downloads, it restarts anywhere from 1 to 3 times, and presto change-o, the Park is once again in disrepair as if I had never tried to start it. If I DO click on it again, the same problem occurs.

Am I alone in this? I reported it to Tech Support and never got a response. Note I have not added anything like cheat software that might be interacting with the game.

I'd really like to know if others have or have had this issue and whether a solution/fix has ever been found. Thanks

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