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Ribbons, Expansion Tools & Misc.

SakurahlsSakurahls Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon
I was wondering if you could make it where you can exchange one color ribbon for another color? I don't use to red or blue ribbons much and would like to be able to change them over for the yellow ribbons. Especially, since you have to use a lot more of the yellow than the red or blue.

I forgot which item it is, but you have to spend like 15 yellow and only 5 or less of the red and/or blue. It would really be great if you could make it so you can exchange one color for another. Maybe you would allow them to be sold. Although, I really do like the idea of trading the red & blue in for the yellow. In fact I need more yellow but have maxed out the red & blue ribbons, because I don't use them.

Something also needs to be done about the expansion tools (nails, shovels, padlocks, anchors, hooks & rope), I have a lot of rope but I can't seem to get the anchors which I need. And, it kinda sucks that I have to either throw away the expansion tools or sell items that I need. So maybe having a separate storage space or being able to sell or trade with coop members would be great. Maybe find out if anyone really uses the back porch storage for anything & then expand it for free to hold 200 expansion tools. And, maybe you could increase to size of expansion from 10 to either 20 or 30 spaces would be great as well. Especially, with as many tools as is needed to expand the buildings.

The back porch could also be used to store the beverages. Or there could be a separate storage for that called the winery storage or something. There could also be a separate storage for the event items. Especially, since there are so many events that are back to back or even overlapping.

Also, there should be more than 4 minerals allowed to be harvested & held. There should be a well for the minerals & the players should be able to hold more than 4 minerals for the water crops. In fact I think it would be great if the mineral patch was like the wells & you can tap on them until the mineral meter? is full. It should hold 30 like with the water.

One more thing. I saw where some people were putting 4 items in coop slots. It would be nice if you would increase the market slots to 6 or 8 without us having to spend keys. And with that allow coop members the option of selling more items to the coop than just 2 slots at a time.

I really hope these ideas are taken into consideration. I think they would make the game easier to manage & more fun to play for everyone.
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