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partnering when completing special boat race task feed show animal to costume level

StephenIndStephenInd Registered User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

I have two questions on this topic.

If my special boat race task is to raise a show animal to costume level can I help another person to raise their animal to that level so as to complete my task? I do understand that this animal would have to have been started after the boat race started.

And secondly,

If my special boat race task is to raise a show animal to costume level and I have started an animal and invited a partner will I be credited with raising it to costume level if it is my partner who makes the feeding that raises the animal to costume level?



  • nwade99nwade99 Registered User Posts: 24 Delightful Duckling

    Yes to both. Also, I never noticed having to start an animal after the boat race starts. If I get that for a special task, I just join someone. Sometimes it's already in stage 2 or 3. Good luck!

  • Barrios44Barrios44 Cloudylicious Registered User Posts: 306 Unstained Chieftain

    I like the boat race, but way too many show animal tasks, in fact, too many of same tasks reteated over and again, eg Nick. How much effort would it take to vary the tasks, such as sell 50 Tomatos, or craft Trout and Spinnach, or Jumpers...

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