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For zynga

dotdot Registered User Posts: 26 Clueless Cookie

You have added new features, but some old features never see change.
Added animal park.... stuff for that goes in barn. You need a storage place for that to be separate. Still have a whole five to give for fertilizer. Your giving keys for people to join coops, they come in and leave right away! Need better options to search for coops and for leaders to post the wants n needs. Getting nails and locks you can’t even use when you are capped at highest in barn. Making us use timbers to make stuff..... thought it was for upgrades? Change how we can rid items in barn, silo, water plot storage without having to dump all. Same old same old events! Stupid added boosts for leaderboards!
Changing Maria board for animal park 😞 hard enough getting to the 20 needed, fix the board so when you hit double you get double and it stays that way in double! Nick loves to give axes n shears must be out of stock for rakes.
Just stop adding new if you can never improve the old! Players have gave you many suggestions over the years. Can keep going on here but you really never listen to the players!

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