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Expansion tools

winencoffeewinencoffee Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

Separate storage space for expansion tools for barn silo water patches and animal park would be great idea.
Also it would be great if we are allowed to trade these tools on global market or in co op market


  • dotdot Registered User Posts: 26 Clueless Cookie
    edited January 17

    I am at the highest I can go in barn and silo, always having to trash nails , locks. Trash shovels if I don’t need! It’s stupid! Can’t get more points either!
    The zoo does need a place for its tools too! I have many in my barn taking up to much space
    Don’t even want to go to nick as I can’t use the tools for plots, and have tools for zoo in waiting! Plot storage only goes to 150 .

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