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Suggested Device vs. Cloud Sync Glitch

Enzo310Enzo310 Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

I used my Mac (on a microsoft download) to try and play on my computer. I've always played on my iPhone, but trying to play on my Mac was causes was too many issues in my game so I reverted back to my phone. I always use the save to "Cloud" option instead of "Device" and it saves my progress to my Facebook. Now using my phone, the option to picked "Suggested Device" or "Cloud" does not pop up anymore.

Now whatever I post in my coop, no one in my coop can see it, and it gets bought by someone not in my coop. Also when I ask for a HH, it shows me my HH I sent (like I can send myself a HH from me, doesn't work). It also says that I'm in a different coop than the one I've been in.

I tried to leave the coop and rejoin, restart my phone, deleted app then restarted my phone. Only deleting the app helped resolve my issue but only for 1 hour or so. The option to picked "Suggested Device" or "Cloud" will come up, but after a few hours or so it will stop saving my game progress to my "Cloud"/Facebook account.

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