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Confirm sales on silo, tool shed & sharing of shovels, nails & locks.

aAzLady2aAzLady2 Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

I would like to see a confirmation of sale on the silo sales. I lost over 300 items accidentally in a silo sale, another person in our coop lost all of her wool. This happens far too frequently. The silo pops open and before you know it you’ve sold an item that you had no intention of selling.
I would also like to see a tool shed for the storage of the items used to increase the size of the silo and barn. They take up too much valuable space in the barn.
It would be helpful if we could share the nails, shovels and locks with coop members and help them expand their storage. I’ve reached maximum expansion and have to dump mine constantly.


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