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Frozen on water plot and now my farm is gone if I log in with FB!

CC_2014CC_2014 Registered User Posts: 31 Forum Traveller

I am playing on a windows 10 PC

My game is now stuck on the water plot after buying it. I see that it is a known issue in the Phones section, but after reading through the thread I have yet to see a single reply stating how to fix, only that they were able to fix it.

To top it off, I restarted several times, used 9 keys and still couldn't get it fixed. I then cleared my cache and when I went back to log in with FB the entire farm is gone. I then pulled it up on a different device (phone) and logged in with Google play instead and my farm is there but still stuck in the water. That being said, I can not play on my phone constantly and there is no option for a google log in on the PC so I am really hoping this can be fixed so I can log back in with Facebook.

I am at a level 100 and I will not be happy if I just lost my entire farm as I have had to start over in the past when the game lost my entire farm and it took me YEARS to get back to level 100! Even though I made an account in these forums in 2018 I have been playing since 2014! and really love this game, I even bought a new PC and went to Windows 10 just to be able to play this. Unfortunately I just don't have it in me to start this game over again.


  • CC_2014CC_2014 Registered User Posts: 31 Forum Traveller

    I was able to get the farm to pull back up but I am still stuck on the water plot and can't even contact support because I am constantly redirected to the faq page. I have tried every single trouble shooting option shown to fix this. the fact that the same thing happens regardless of what I am on (Phone, Kindle, or PC) as soon as I log into my account tells me this is an account issue not game or device.

  • CC_2014CC_2014 Registered User Posts: 31 Forum Traveller
    Is this ever going to get fixed? I have not been able to play since the first day of the Viking event and can't get a single bit of help.
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