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Need Help!

Brian619Brian619 Registered User Posts: 5 Not a Title, but a Star

Starting now almost 4 weeks ago we had 3 of our families accounts messed up at no fault of our own. Somehow the Facebook logins were not locked to each account and they crossed over to the other family members accounts. Messing up all the logins and accounts. We have been trying to work with support people, but the system of passing your ticket around to different support people never gets anything fixed properly and is a very poor system. I have spent a lot of money on this game and when someone has an issue a month long, the account should be fixed, and fixed by one person who is aware of what is going on. I even get canned or copy paste support comments from support agents who don't even read my problem. Support info totally unrelated like for boat races!

Really disappointed at the response and support system in this game. I typically would spend money over Easter on the game, but since this the way its going to be I will keep my wallet closed. A month is more then patient to fix simple issues like this at just redirecting a Facebook account or pointing synced info to a new Zynga ID.

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