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Looking for Hardcore Co-op

HolysnapHolysnap Registered User, User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star


Helping my Mother looking for a hardcore Farmville 2 guild.
She is frustrated with the lack of active players in her current guild. I told her to just leave those noobs and go find a high level co-op that plays all the time.
She plays 12-14 Hours+ Per day.
She can't find players to clone with. She wants to clone all the time, but no one chats in her co-op.
She will help you whenever she can.
She will probably need some help with questions and would need guidance one certain things.

Basic Requirements for her to keep having fun and stop talking to me about all the drama she has in her current co-op:
Daily Active players
Cloning multiple times a day
Helpful and patient players
Drama Free
Explain things nicely if she makes mistakes

What you will get from her:
Daily 12+ hours of play
Boat Race participation
Drama free
No stealing (I don't know what this means, but she wouldn't do this) -- Saw this in other guild memos when trying to help her.

She is currently level 59

If you are interested in having her in your co-op please explain how to contact others in game.

Pete & Sherry (My Mother)



  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,173 Assassin
    @Holysnap first off the game no longer allows cloning
    She’s welcome to search for my coop, we have daily active players, that participate in all events including Boat races and Marie order board.
    We chat, have never had drama, a number of us are long time players and have been together for a number of years, so we’re like sisters. We’re all extremely helpful to one another and we typically make our goals, all without cloning.
    We take this just the way it is.... a game to relax and have fun with.
    If she’s interested have her search for:
    Homegrown Farmers (cowboy hat emblem)
    The coop is locked, however I should see her request in the inbox.
    What name will she appear as?
  • Alexandra_004Alexandra_004 Registered User Posts: 61 Captain Obvious
    Family of farmers would love for ur mom to give us a try we are active & always reach our wkly goals on board & races. We can get chatty in chat & very hlpful. Have mom search for me on fb cherry chica & a message so I know it's for fv2ce 😊

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