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Missing pictures

KateLynnB_87KateLynnB_87 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

I am a coop leader who requires pics for all members. Randomly, ppl will lose their pic, even when they’re everyday players and have no reason to have lost connection with their account. It creates a huge problem when cloning if unauthorized buying occurred & we can’t determine who it was. Even my own pic disappears and I play everyday. Are any other coop leaders having this issue?


  • GracefulGraceful Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Yes, I am, no coop will take me now! 😟

  • GracefulGraceful Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 372Registered User Social Snowflake
    edited January 18

    Yes, and it is most annoying even without taking any cloning into accout. Just normal buying. We don't know if the correct person bought the items instead of them being stolen. We also tend to ask if ppl need more of the items they buy from coop slots, so it also makes offering more help more difficult.

    Also makes accepting new members new much more difficult since we have to keep asking do they actually have a pic and we just can't see it and whatever hassle takes place after that. Also can't open the coop at all if some of the admin's pics are not showing at that moment.

    Aso a hassle for those who's pics disappear because they want their pics to be visible. They keep reloading and logging in and out and trying whatever they can think of. They know we require it, thogh we do just accept that it's Zynga's fault and not theirs and won't remove old members because of that. But we have to constantly keep telling your and your pic is not showing, did you know that, are you logged in and so on.

    Everyone in ours also knows that is something is stolen and there's no pic, everyone who's pic is not showing is a suspect. Luckily atm not much of that is going on in ours (stealing I mean), but they still want to play safe, since when new members join, they may start stealing. And when that happens, it's much work to try and figure out who is to blame and usually we only end up with a mystery. And we want to remove those who habitually steal.

    And I know recently Zynga has said they have has issues with fb connections, but this has been happening much much much longer than that. One of our admins has been considering contacting support because of this, but she is getting tired of constantly doing it because of all the other bugs she has had to do it for. My turn this time I guess, but I know they will just refer to having issues with it atm and disregard the fact that it has been going on for at least a year, so I'm not too exited about doing that.

  • ZiggystarZiggystar Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Yes Zynga need to make sure that if picture does not appear, the persons name shows instead, or at least name shows! Come on Zynga do your bit!

  • KateLynnB_87KateLynnB_87 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Thank you M1P4. All of those points are exactly what we face. Especially adding new members. I am made to feel like a broken record with some players or even a nagging parent. It is quite ridiculous and negates leadership. New players even begin arguing about why they should even have a pic in the 1st place, saying they “just can’t.” Lately, I have been practicing after opening my coop door, announcing a pic is required, and giving about an hour deadline (use to be days, but my other players suffered from that). I then end up deleting most who’ve joined, since they don’t appear to have any intention of even reading the chat.

    I have even gone to lengths of making a slideshow on YouTube regarding Coop Etiquette and telling new players that if they desire membership, they must view it entirely.
    While it was fun being creative and making it, most of the content should be unnecessary. I have also searched for the ability to report the pic issue to Zynga, but only come to blog stuff and the frequently reported standard technical issues in the FAQs etc.

    Zynga, this issue is causing a growing uproar in the coop communities and makes a lot of players “coop outcasts.” It is extremely hard to keep players of various levels and you should be interested in fixing a problem that deters game usage. Outcasted coop members are not likely to continue playing, or become “coop surfers,” joining coops briefly to steal and wreak havoc, then leave or get removed. Is this the kind of experience you would like the majority of players to have playing your game?

  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 372Registered User Social Snowflake
    edited February 14

    Try this direct link. Write down your 11-digit player id settings (the gear icon)-->help tab
    And, btw, I agee with everythng you said as well =D

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