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Boat race cheating

Mysticalmandy48Mysticalmandy48 Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
My Co op has been working hard and has stayed top for many weeks. This week the points are over 80,000!! How is this happening? We are paying money to use keys! It’s not fair gaming!

Can any one advice how to report zynga to gaming Standards? Or something similar? We have contacted them number of times but no response!


  • Paul MuscatoPaul Muscato Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 36 Learning the Ropes

    In the app you should be able to report members of the cheating coop in the view coop from the boat race feature. I know it probably will not do anything, but its a start. I just reported a coop for jail breaking the game and having too many plots of a limited water resource, so I know they are cheating.

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