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So sick of event cheaters!

pixiestyxpixiestyx Registered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

I have been struggling at this new event since it started. I've even spent tons of money on keys so I can boost ahead, and yet every time I gain an inch, 50 people surge ahead without boost. How the ever loving heck is that even possible? Oh, I know. CHEATING!! So sick of wasting real money on something I can't even have a fair chance at. I was in 5th place a few seconds before taking this screenshot. Now I'm in 7th. WHAT THE ****?! Can we ban people who cheat and/or don't have a photo? Seriously. They're fake accounts anyway. Stupid cheating bots.



  • pixiestyxpixiestyx Registered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

    And, to make matters worse, the people in the top 5 have never-ending boost. It seriously sticks around longer than 1 hour. Ridiculous!

  • GraciaGracia Registered User Posts: 25 Clueless Cookie
    I'm sorry but I don't see any cheaters in this list. Not yet anyway. Most of my co op members would love to be in a group like this. All the scores are close. Cheaters are the people with over half a million points . That's what most players are stuck with. Not even a fighting chance to ever win a permanent helper. I can agree that these events are not at all fair. Too many people miss out because of cheating. As for the never ending boosts, they just stay visible for a long time after they end. I used to think the same thing until I noticed the score stayed the same. And a lot of pics just don't show. The game doesn't load pictures properly. So no fake accounts or bots. In a group like this when people finally have a chance to win they will just compete like you do. I hope Zynga will realise at some point how unfair it is that a lot of people can't get extra helpers anymore. Just let us buy the helpers or come up with a different kind of event.
  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Registered User Posts: 47 Building Expert
    edited December 2019

    @pixiestyx said:
    And, to make matters worse, the people in the top 5 have never-ending boost. It seriously sticks around longer than 1 hour. Ridiculous!

    The boost ends on time, it just doesn't show as ended on the leaderboard when it's over. I've been on past events with co op members & we confirmed it back then. It's like the true totals of the leaderboards lag too, that might be why the original poster thought there was cheating, it just got caught up all at once and not in her favor. Which totally messes with where you thought you might be on a leaderboard. I give myself at least 1000 point lead over 6th place in hopes of truly finishing 5th.
    Those numbers on her leaderboard pic look standard, not like the outrageous numbers I've seen -usually several hundred thousands ahead.

  • RobhutRobhut Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
    How does someone obtain over 45k points when the 2nd stage event started 30 minutes ago??
  • DebbieUnwin1979DebbieUnwin1979 Registered User Posts: 50 This Space is Available

    If you plan for the even and make and buy certain things ahead of time and then use boosts you can score quite a few points quite quickly but 45k points in thirty minutes sounds fishy to me.

  • phamtonphamton Registered User Posts: 98 Chocolatier

    I agree with Gracia. I would love your leaderboard. The top 5 in my group have scores in the millions.

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