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The Pike travels Island orders are ridiculous.

Reena123Reena123 Posts: 26Registered User Clueless Cookie
Has anyone had a visit from Pike this December?
I got a notification a few days back and Pike Landed on my farm between the boat club and the water plots.
I hoped it would be easy. I'm at the second region of islands and the rewards are nothing except some certificates that finish orders. You get just a few certificates.
You need tons of effort to complete the Pike order board and new board appears after a break. It's never ending not like mariner or Eddie.
If you carefully look at the board you'll see orders like 25 cranberries and 25 wasabi or 15 krill or 15 shrimp pasta or 15 candied cranberries or sandwich fries.
The Seaway storage has only 60 spaces upgradable to max of 150 spaces

How in the world is it going to hold such a ridiculous amounts of all crops and recipes that the orders demand.
I have to constantly throw out recipes when the barn goes full and make new recipes again.
You can see it in the screenshots.
Also between each journey Pike needs 12 hours. And after each region Pike takes 1 full day and more..
Who can wait for so long..
This is nothing like Eddie or Mariner..

I feel like giving up on the Pike orders..

Does zynga expect a player to sit 20 hours day completing the water plot orders on the Pike travel board..

If this is what the water plots were given for then it's a total flop.
Nobody is going to like Pike at all.

Not to mention that the mineral patch gives only 4 at a time then how am I supposed to harvest 25 cranberries?

Zynga please take feedback and make Pike like Eddie or Mariner or Nick. The board has too many orders.

Screenshots attached for pike


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