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More variety in boat race tasks

M1P4M1P4 This Space Is AvailablePosts: 352Registered User The One Who Knows it All
edited December 2019 in Ideas & Feature Requests

Having more variety in boat race tasks would make the boat race much more interesting instead of extremely boring. Also would give people more chances to complete tasks and get to the bonus rounds a bit faster. As it is, in addition to being boring, there also are too many tasks that can't filled within a reasonable time without using keys, and often the few good ones are taken within minutes even if one waits for the timer to run out on the ones that have it. I don't mean they all should be such that it takes 5 mins to complete, but for exaple feeding a show animal 62 times or visiting the mill 6 times is just too much and the only thing such tasks do is make your customers angry at Zynga.

And yes, I know and understand that what you want us to do, use keys but that is just taking it too far (taking it too far again , but many see though ovious rip-offs and long term I'd think it will do Zynga more harm than good financially. Sorry, but that's what I and everyone I know think after seeing what's going on during all these years).

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