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Permanent helping hand

teddyb45teddyb45 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

Zynga, how about offering a great permanent helping hand for sale. It would make a nice gift for gamers. A helper that does something special would be cool. You did it years ago and people loved it. The german shepherd was one of them.


  • Tanuki_konTanuki_kon Registered User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

    That would be great, or at least items for playing for a whole year or a 'birthday' gift for the players on the day the game launched.
    A lot of games I play do this. It's so awesome to get a little note saying "Hey you've been playing for 3 years! Here's a little something!"
    Even if it's not a helper, it shows we're valued.

  • wisebadgerwisebadger Registered User Posts: 55 This Space is Available

    @Tanuki_kon, I agree that an occasional gift from the developers would be a real plus. In the past, there have been the double corn plot, the bottomless well and the 3rd anniversary fountain that I remember. The well and corn plot have been a boon. Players do like to be appreciated, given the time and money we spend on games we enjoy, and what does it cost the developer: a few extra keys, a permanent hand, some extra tin or quartz, which they have only to write into the game.
    Show us you love us!

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