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Losing about 20 keys, twice today when game reloaded

DaveDave Registered User Posts: 67 Captain Obvious

Hi, has this happened to others today?

I have over 110 keys, suddenly down to about 90, and I did not purchase anything.

A friend said maybe my finger slipped and accidentally used them and did not know. Fine, figured maybe that was it. Played all day, doing the stupid Apple ad repeating to get keys, our coop won so we won keys, etc. I was back up again over 100.

I go to talk to a buddy on messenger, I come back to the game, it reloads, and now I have about 90 again.

Here is how it lowered to 94 keys:


And I have 2 screenshots I had taken not too far apart first time it happened. Here is not long before I noticed it had dropped, and you can see how many I had.

Then a photo just now.

Both resets to 94 keys!! I just noticed! This one I just now took!

Anybody else losing keys and getting reset to 94 repeatedly?

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