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Why are Level 80 players on the same C. Fair leader board as level 250?

mrsfittsmrsfitts Registered User Posts: 45 Building Expert

I generally do not even try at the weekly Country Fair anymore, it was bad enough when you are on a board with someone who had 200k points 5 minutes after the new week starts, but someone is stacking the boards with high levels and low levels.
The gap -at most- should be 50 levels to compete fairly at what everyone has. A Level 40 won't have 6 each workshops of each kind and all gold, while a level 299 won't just have 1 each tree or animal.

Level the playing field.

Let the people who've scored over a million all play only with each other.

Let levels 40-90, 140-190, etc play together
And Eliminate buying boosts with keys. I know this makes way more money for you -the people willing to spend 180 keys or more each day to compete, but they're not competing, they're buying the win. Someone plays hard and fair, goes to work in 1st place by 40,000 points and comes home to find they're in 5th place. That's not competition, but purchasing a win. Most people can scratch up the 1.3 mil coins but few can do 180 keys or more a day. maybe you should have leaderboards that are bought and leaderboards that are played only?
Just suggestions.
Since it affects your bottom line, I don't believe that they'll be enacted suggestions though.


  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Registered User Posts: 45 Building Expert

    Since buying boosts will never go away -it's a major profit center- how about In Addition to buying boosts with keys, one becomes able to buy boosts with REWARDS? You get rewards now for certain milestones, why not Rewards that go towards country fair boosts from new milestone rewards. That gives a dedicated & steady player a chance to play with the financially able players. And could build up their farms at the same time. Like when you purchase a 3rd or 4th animal, 2x boost, purchase a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th workshop, another 2x boost -to be used in serial or parallel (both in one week or once a week) as the player needs? Same with every dozen decoration, or 10 farm plots? Farms get bigger, need expansion, people get the country fair rewards to help that happen.

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Registered User Posts: 1,519 The Chosen One
    edited November 2019

    I agree the fair is unfair & so are leaderboards when players of very different levels are put in the same group.
    I'm a competitive person & enjoy a challenge but there's no pleasure in beating someone much lower level than you are. Not for me anyway, I'm level 266 & when I see some under level 200 trying to compete with me I feel quite sorry for them.
    Right now I'm 5th in the leaderboard, not really bothered as I have over 40 permanent hands already. I'm not using boosts , I'm trying to come in top 10 not top 5 !
    It's the same with the fair, although this week, having won it last week I've got several 299 level players in my group & a level 97 who, is in 10th place & doubtless feeling pretty discouraged.

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