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In the new event japanese cultural.I played till night2'o clock to get to top5.event lasted till 5am

RamyaSriKRamyaSriK Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

In the new event japanese cultural, I am added in another time zone.I played till night 2'o clock to get to top 5. but unfortunately the event lasted till morning 5 that I lost 3 places and got to the 6th place. I missed shiba dog after all the effort I put in to get cherry blossom points😭😭😭and I am from India. I suggest please add the farmers according to their own time zone(Like take people from same country to compete in the events)... please help me in this issue


  • DebbieUnwin1979DebbieUnwin1979 Registered User Posts: 52 This Space is Available

    I would agree with this. I haven't lost out to this yet but it does become a problem. People play while you are sleeping because they are from a different time zone. Also the events tend to end at odd times. Ranges anytime from 01:00 to 05:00 in the morning. We can't all stay up and play those last few hours. What if you have a job? You can't go to work on no sleep because of a game. Anyway. I like this idea. Thanks

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