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Make the game more fun and less grind. Halloween phase 6 is impossible.

CowDanceCowDance Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

The order boards (all of them but especially the co op order board) now require so many items ie 11 fish bowls, 23 strawberry cakes, for so little reward. Could you consider making the orders easier again.

This event (Halloween) the final phase is impossible, I got to the final stage with almost 7 days left and about 24 saved iron. yesterday with 4 days left all my iron gone and struggling to find enough pumpkins i did the math. 12 items left to win, times 3 cos that seems to be the drop rate from the hats, times 2 iron per craft, times 2 hours for each mine trip (i can only get 1 iron per trip) and there just isn't enough time even if i sent hands to the mine every other hour on the hour i cant' get enough iron to complete this. and thats not even calculating the pumpkins - which you need 4 per craft. So i have donated my phase 6 items to other members in my co op in hope that someone might manage it.

The game feels like a grind now and not fun. I am thinking about giving up playing all together. I thought this type of game was suppose to be casual and fun, but somewhere around level 40 or 50 it just became so difficult and nothing but grind.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels like this, my co op often struggles with the board orders and there have been lots of struggles with recent events.

please consider making the events complete able, the orders easier and just making the game fun again.


  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,188 Assassin
    @CowDance sorry you are having issues and yes last phase does require lots of tin, only thing is, since playing this game for years, its pretty inevitable that either quartz, tin or both will be used on last phase, only advice is to always send workers to the mine when the event starts in preparation to have lots of those two items by the time you get to last phase, because no matter how many complaints they get that last phase requires too many of that item, it won’t change!
  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Registered User Posts: 48 Building Expert

    But I WILL Change! I used to spend about $20 on each event -buying the helpers, and other things. I can afford it and I had fun. But I'm Not Having Fun Anymore with these stupid events.

    It's not only that you need 4 tin per item you need to make, it takes 6 items (24 tin) before you get ONE Event Item!!! That's made the events a grind, a drag, a chore a PITA and something not fun is NOT worth spending money on

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Registered User Posts: 1,525 The Chosen One

    @mrsfitts I struggled to finish the Halloween event getting my last item with only a couple of hours to go. I almost gave up several times & ended up using keys to finish mining early. I was getting a better drop rate than you, 1 item for every 3 pumpkins, so 12 tin not 24 ( that's outrageous).
    I wanted the helper because I know the next event is a leaderboard & it helps to get more event items, but then so do the helpers you can buy which might cost less keys!

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