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Unable to sync farm after laptop format

Eva5669Eva5669 Social SnowflakeRegistered User Posts: 55 This Space is Available

Dear All need your help

I recently formated my laptop, downloaded game from shop, went up to level 11 in order to join my coop, the facebook connection fields opened, I entered user and password and by clicking enter etc, game shuts down, reloads and stucks at 27% game loading. Once there was a message cannot connect with facebook.
Unfortunately I do not have the data at hand right now, but I will be adding those in the afternoon in case they are different than below.

I have accessed my game from a second laptop in order to secure my data and this is where I am... pls advise how I am going to load game on the new laptop and join my farm friends again (especially since the alternative laptop will be formated very soon as well)

Player id: 70834997054
Version: 12.0.3397.0 (32)
DLV Version: 19/03/19 - 09:48:57 (I haven't played due to personal reasons since March, but I would like to resume on the new laptop).
Level 88
Coins 17.989.180
keys 280
seeds 86
wood 5280

windows 8.1 laptops

I will check once I am back at home if above player id and version are different in the formatted laptop and will revert.

Remebering though that when I loaded game on second laptop it did not ask me which game to choose (device or cloud). This makes me think that the formatted laptop might have a new player id, so new farm.
If that is the case, how do I restore my previous farm?

waiting for your feedback with thanks


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