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Suggestion - Create a more gold purchase options?

SarahMaynard60SarahMaynard60 Registered User Posts: 16 Muffin


I am a big fan of the game but I have noticed that it's becoming more and more focalised on people paying to buy keys for literally everything!
I was wondering if we could have more purchase options with the in game currency (gold) as right now there is no point using it besides the marketplace.

I have a very hard time with the events that take place and never managed to complete the event so I'm always missing out on the farmhands but yet they are available to purchase for 600 keys once the event is over, why not add a gold purchase option on them too so people like me that cannot afford a huge amount of keys can have the option of purchasing the farmhand for 30 days?

Also all the workshops are only available to buy with keys, please could we have a gold option on these aswell? It's a pain when it comes to obtaining them especially if you needed to create 9 baked potatoes and only have 2 Dinner ovens to do this on.

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