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Unable to join/see any co ops

azrunaazruna Registered User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

Hi, I have just found out that FV2 has co ops. I never got any notification or a sign of the existence!
So frustrated about this. I cant see any option, any sign of co op.

Anyone having the same issue?



  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,173 Assassin
    @azruna what level are you?
    If you click on the sign by the mailbox across from Eddie there’s an option to search for coops there!
  • kimwkimw Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
    The little dangling sign by the barn will take you there. Buttrum's Barnyard would love to have you!
  • DesiderataEvery1DesiderataEvery1 Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
    If you are at least level 11, you can join a co-op. I co-admin a growing one made of very experienced players. I and my friends would be more than happy to teach you all about it!!! I don’t yet know if there is any easier way to join. If you’ll friend me on FB, I will see you on Farmville (note that this is strictly for FarmVille 2: Country Escape, not plain FarmVille 2). Once I see you, I can add you. If you don’t wish to remain Facebook friends after, we can sever the tie. I just don’t know an easier way. If anyone reading this does, let me know. In past, I have had problems finding a co-op by searching for its name. https://m.facebook.com/steedshannon
    That link takes you to me! Please send a brief message letting me know it’s for FV. I get a lot of requests lately. Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!!

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