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Farmville 2: Country Escape Co-Op Thread September 2019

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Welcome to the Official FarmVille 2: Country Escape Forums and the Co-op thread section

This thread is designed to help you recruit and find new FarmVille 2: County Escape Co-ops.
(Please read the posting rules below before sharing your information in this thread)

Posting Rules:

  • Any post in violation of the Zynga Community Forums Rules of Conduct will be removed.
  • Please only post once in this thread. A new thread will be started each month.
  • Do not post any email addresses or personal information.
  • When posting your Co-op, please provide a description of your Co-op (with screenshot if possible for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire so other players will be able to find it online.
  • When looking for a new Co-op, please provide a description of what kind of Co-Op you're looking for or you can send a Private Message to someone who posted on this thread.

    Again, we would like to welcome all the newcomers to the Official FarmVille 2: Country Escape Forums! :*


  • Dianeg123Dianeg123 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I am looking for co-op members. My co-op name is Manure Mania and I would like active players but stay stress free and help each other when you can and have fun!

  • DaveDave Posts: 67Registered User Captain Obvious

    We have an AWESOME team at Parr’s Dairy Farm Coop! It is always NEARLY full of players. I am one of the admins, and we give everyone a fair chance to join the boat race, communicate with everyone on the chat board, help each other win WITH NO CHEATING, and participate in Marie’s Orders too.

    We do NOT allow cloning! We do not need to cheat because we communicate and help each other so well!

    We also will kick out frequently members who do not communicate but steal items put up specifically to help another player who DID communicate on the chat board a need. Only a couple times in the past year have we had to remove a player for being rude to others in chat, but we WILL remove anybody who is not a friendly farmer.

    Our coop often is #1 in the boat race. We will note who joins but never completes one order, and remove them from our coop. If you want freebies without any work at all, this is not the farm for you.

    We have men and women who get along from around the world, including the US, Australia, and non-English speaking nations. We are a VERY friendly coop, kind to each other, tease and joke with each other, and even discuss for fun sometimes our real life farms, gardens, pets, and weather! People who want to just play for fun, to win, but would not mind being an example of the best character of their nation, this is the coop for you.

    Currently we have FOUR open spots to join our coop! Join us!

  • CpwCpw Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon

    We have a new co op looking for members who need help!! Tired of drama? Large groups with too many needy people? Getting kicked for crazy reasons or no reason at all? That’s why we created. FARM AID co op. We plan on staying relatively small. RIght now we easily meet all goals and win boat race. Looking to have only about 15-20 people so we can provide excellent help to those who need it.

    Come join us.

  • NutMeg1987NutMeg1987 Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    If I change coops in the middle of an event, does it change my leaderboard or the progress i've made in the event?

  • 1D_Jeepers_Creepers1D_Jeepers_Creepers Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    Join us here at Jeepers Creepers. Want to build a co op with hungry and humble helpers.
  • CaroBCaroB Posts: 65Registered User Captain Obvious

    Looking for a small non cloning coop - level 204 and happy to help - I just find large coops hard work - let me know if your coop fits the bill

  • pmcr007pmcr007 Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited September 2019

    Looking to add "active" coop members for Boat Races, Events, Marie's Board.

    Be talkative, help each other, be competitive, and do not steal. We have members from all over the world but please speak English. Always ask when buying in Coop. If you steal you will be warned & if you do it again > you get the boot

  • vickycrosbyvickycrosby Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

    brand new coop Rock-a-doddle looking for new members of all levels to come & join us

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