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Remove event related tasks from boat race

Cajun1961Cajun1961 Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
edited September 2019 in Ideas & Feature Requests

By having fully half of the available tasks related to whatever the current event is, you penalize those who have either chosen not to participate in the event or have completed the event. Currently, half of the task board (5 of 10) is locked out for me because I have completed the event. It's ridiculous to have this feature so tied into the event that we're unable to select higher value tasks because those are locked out and we're waiting for other tasks to even show up. We have 10 or 15 competing for the 5 doable (non-event) tasks at any given time. This is something that just started with the last couple of races and the moovin' event. It's an epic failure, frankly, and penalizes co-op teams that are heavy with members that are either not doing event or have finished.


  • LesleyRLesleyR Registered User Posts: 93 Chocolatier
    edited February 2020

    I agree with you whole heartedly, though our tasks this week are only 3 out of 13 I feel that our coop should not be restricted if we decide not to do the event or have finished. We also have newish players in our coop and some of the tasks are not doable for them.

  • wisebadgerwisebadger Registered User Posts: 55 This Space is Available

    Lucky guys. You actually get more than 3 choices at a time, of 12 purported tasks? Our 3 person coop either has to decide to dump a task or figure out who gets the worst one each time. We would love to see all 12 tasks at one time, but despite repeated pleas and complaints to support, we still get 3, maybe 4. When we choose 1, there is a 30 minute lag before another appears. This makes no sense. And the event tasks are really unnecessary, convey no advantage, and don't belong in the boat race.

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