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INSANE Marie's Orders

LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

I, and a couple of other people in my co-op, have been getting absolutely insane Marie's Orders! I reached out to support and this is what they said:
"I understand how frustrating it is when you are having difficulty completing the large number of items needed for Marie's Order Board. For the Order board task, the more you finish task in your board, the more challenging the task will be given to the player. If the the task proves challenging, what I can advice is to remove the task in your board by clicking the "X" button and you can also ask help from your fellow farmers in your game. Yet, I appreciate your feedback and voicing out what you have in mind in regards to the happenings on the farm, especially in the requirements for order board task. Your feedback is needed so we could further enhance the game to better cater to your farming needs. Thank you once again for the effort in bringing this to us.

To help you out, I have granted you with 10 Peaches and 10 Swiss Cheese. Just make sure to go online to be able to see the changes. If you are still not seeing it, kindly force-close and restart your device."

I had told them specifically that hitting X does nothing to lower my orders. They obviously just completely ignored that. They also say that I can ask for help from my co-op. My co-op does help a lot, but I'm not going to ask them to help out with something as insane as 18 chardonnay for 12 timber. And I'm sorry, but 10 swiss cheese and 10 peaches? THAT'S what I'm given? I provided a screenshot of my order board and have SEVERAL screenshots of my order board proving that this continues to happen. After I heard back from support, that week my co-op orders were amazing - they were NORMAL - now a new week on Marie's Order Board has started and my orders are right back where they were before.

At first, I thought this was a level issue. I am the highest level player in my co-op at 67, but someone has reached 63 and she still continues to get extremely easy orders like 1 jacket, and 3 dried fruit. So, it's not a level issue. I did notice that when I got sick and wasn't able to play the game for 2 weeks, and when I came back my Marie's Orders were normal, but again only for that 1 week. So, am I being punished for playing the game so much? And support's response of "the more you finish task in your board, the more challenging the task will be given to the player" is complete bs because a brand new week starts and just like that my orders are 12 cajun crab, 15 rocking chairs and so on. So please explain to me why that happens when I haven't even completed any tasks?

I googled this issue and saw that in 2017 they were actually FIXING this order by sending people private messages. It's obvious that this issue is very easily fixed and it's extremely rude that they're not fixing it for everyone. I'm putting this out there in hopes that SOMETHING will happen. If support does contact me, I DO have very good evidence that this is still happening and will take as many screenshots as required - I already have a lot but I will take more recent ones to prove it's still happening. I have attached screenshots of proof that this used to be an issue that they fixed. It's obvious that it is still fixable, support is just lazy and doesn't want to do its job. Having insane Marie's Orders makes the game extremely frustrating, not fun. Especially when you're co-op needs help on Marie's Orders for the boat race or to help the co-op reach it's weekly goal (which I think a max of 60 orders each person is just bull but whatever) and I can't help out because my orders are insane. It looks bad when they owner of the co-op can't even participate that much in Marie's Orders because my orders are way too bad. This issue NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I know it can, so fix it!!


  • NanhenNanhen Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    I am experiencing the very same issue and sent Zynga a message yesterday, received basically the same answer as you. I am level 62 and a friend of mine is 71, she gets easier orders than I do. Something is very wrong with their system.

  • justmeazeejustmeazee Registered User Posts: 22 Delightful Duckling
    I'm so glad to hear that its not just me. Im level 72 and my orders are insane,unfair and is getting harder,and harder to complete. I have other players with much higher levels and they're orders,aren't no where like mine. I too submitted a ticket this morning with screen shots as well. It's beyond frustrating and stressful isn't this game supposed to be enjoyable?
  • StarkySimStarkySim Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon

    Hi! Fellow Farmers, I am at level 150s and I have been playing this game continuously for 3 years. From my experience, Marie's orders become very difficult if you keep hitting your personal goal every week or if your co-op continues to achieve it's weekly goal. If I stop short of achieving my weekly goal, then after the weekly refresh, my orders become easier again. It is not a matter of you being at a lower level than your friends. They will have easier targets if they are not achieving their weekly goals.
    Similarly, the Mariner orders become more difficult if you continuously complete every cycle. If you ignore the mariner for a few rounds, the orders become easier again.
    That's just how the game is designed... I guess.
    I hope it helps in our understanding... Cheers!

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