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Seaway Storehouse worst update ever!

GeneaGenea Registered User Posts: 12 Pumpkin

Since updating and installing the latest version I see we have a new storehouse, I have also found this storehouse has a disastrous impact on gameplay if you have more than the starter now of items in storage I have 94/40 which has a huge impact on country fair (can’t collect stuff I’ve made or make new items as 5 of my workstations are now blocked) can’t collect from plots, fulfil Eddie orders, mariner orders or nicks caravan. To upgrade storage you need stuff from Nick but when I completed an order because storage is full it disappears. Not a well thought out upgrade for players who have had waterplots for quite a while and who are long time players! In the meantime while I wait for a fix I drop down in country fair and lose out on the other activities as well. Very disappointing getting to the point of ‘why bother’


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