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Jungle school

JenkeyJenkey Forum TravellerRegistered User Posts: 1,173 Assassin
Hmmm Zynga did you get new game designers??
Seems to me that whoever is now creating the events have totally missed the mark on how to design a “fun” event. This jungle school event is the most “boring” event ever created.... its simply not fun. Obviously whoever had a part in creating this event didn’t play it. Well unless the concept was for us to set a craft to make leave our farms for 2 hours to go play another game... then they accomplished that.
Personally to make a game fun and enjoyable you would think it would have been created to keep us busy on the farm, but this is the complete opposite.... it’s sad that whoever is now creating these events don’t know the meaning of the word “fun” on the farm... oh well if that was the intent to start creating boring events the creators are doing just that. Might be something to think about. Personally I would want my event creators keeping players on their farms enjoying the game, thats my opinion.


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