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No More Demotion for County Fair?

LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

I received this notification yesterday saying there would be no more demotions for county fairs except in Ruby and Diamond leagues. I figured it would start once the new county fair started. Well, it started today and there is still the demotion line there. I'm not under it but I don't want to have to worry about being demoted. I'm only in the Silver league, so I don't understand why it is still there. Anyone else have this issue?


  • LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine
    edited April 2019

    For anyone wanting to know this is what support said about the demotions,

  • LilBsFarmLilBsFarm Registered User Posts: 87 Dramachine

    Not sure why they deleted the comment about what support said, "Good day. Thank you for letting us know your situation. Allow me to help you on this, by providing you additional information about how the ranking works in county fair. Players who are in Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze leagues wont be demoted. Meaning, if you are in Platinum you will not be demoted to a lower league like Gold. However, the Tier for each league can be demoted. If you are Silver III, you can be demoted down to Silver I.

    Furthermore, demotion of league will now start only on Ruby and Diamond leagues."

    I will continue to repost this no matter how many times y'all delete it. People deserve to know what y'all said. Basically there is still demotions and the notification was very misleading.

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