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Suggestion on making “Leaderboard Event Better”

JenkeyJenkey Forum TravellerRegistered User Posts: 1,190 Assassin
*** Please take note this is NOT a forum to complain about Leaderboard ****

We all know Leaderboard events take a lot of time, effort and lots of resources to maintain a top 5 position to get a permanent farm hand, however 5 days is just simply to long.

Personally I believe the event would be much more productive if it was lowered to 3 days, with having 3 chances to win!!

As of now we race for 5 straight exhausting days to win, then 2nd stage is for upgrade or to simply try again.

My proposal is to have 3 stages, 3 days each:
Stage 1 (3days) top 5 wins the permanent farm hand
Stage 2 (3days) gives a second chance to be top 5 to win permanent farm hand
Stage 3 (3days) going for the upgrade farm hand, if you won in either stage 1 or 2 or if needed a person could try for the 3rd time to be a top 5 winner for a permanent farm hand!!

I truly believe this will be more productive and make the event more enjoyable, rather than a stressful exhausting 5 straight days. This will also give opportunity for more players to have that extra farm hand, plus boost morale in the game!!

Players let’s do a survey and tell me what you think!! Additional ideas welcomed and please as stated, this is NOT for complaints or negativity, just face facts Leaderboard will not go away, but it can be better!
We all have busy lives and it’s hard to devote 5 straight days to and event!!

Moderators I’m tagging some of you as well, please give me your thoughts!!
Thank you everyone!! Let’s bring the fun back to the farm!! :)


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