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Getting really tired of unsuccessfully trying to sell items to co-op members; selling event items

havelock_vetinarihavelock_vetinari This Space Is AvailableRegistered User Posts: 59 This Space is Available

The crackdown on "cloning" has had a particularly annoying side effect - at random intervals, when trying to sell an item to a co-op member, the "rotating sun" icon pops up over the item attempted to be purchased, and the seller loses the item but the buyer doesn't gain it.

Invariably, this seems to happen most on items that one really doesn't want to have to make again (e.g. anything involving quartz), and has a chilling effect: you can't trust the game to actually let you sell an item to a co-op member. Sure, it might work (and even does most of the time) but can you afford to take the hit if the game cheats you out of the item?

I don't know whether this is a "game doesn't know what to do when network connection isn't what the game wants" or a cross-platform issue because not all co-op members are on the same O/S, but it seems like if there's a hiccup the obvious game response should be "return the items being sold to the seller," not "haha the items are gone and nobody gets them, now go do it again!"

There's something seriously wrong with "anti-cheating" code when it itself cheats players out of the items they are trying to make for their co-op members.

(While we're at it - is there any /good/ reason that we can only sell one of each unwanted event item at a time? Whether it's because of an event already finished or yet another event we really just don't want to do - yet another miserable no-hope leaderboard slog - it would be nice to be at least be able to sell at least three Bunny Poo or whatever at a time, instead of deciding to hit "X" in the barn rather than selling items one lousy scrap at a time.)

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