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FV2CE barn and silo reverted back

connie7771connie7771 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
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I opened my game and connected to facebook just like I do every time I play the game so I can buy and sell, etc. I clicked on my barn and noticed it was at 350 and not 370 and my silo was at 70 and not 90. They both reverted back by 20. I contacted support so hopefully they will fix it. When I open the game and there is an update, I always update it so that shouldn't be the issue. According to the game info I have the latest version. I played less than 24 hours ago and yes I was connected to facebook and bought and sold items. I am using the same device as I have been using my windows 10 computer.

Anyone else have this issue?


  • connie7771connie7771 Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

    Support got back to me and said that they were able to verify that I originally had 350 barn capacity and 70 silo capacity and asked me when was the last time I upgraded my barn. Frustrated since I believe they can pull game data and be able to see when I did this and whether or not I used keys or what to upgrade.

    I emailed them back and told them everything I could remember. I upgraded from 350 to 360 when I completed the 6 phase event (the one that you need a lot of indian ink in phase 6) and won the cat. About a week later I upgraded it from 360 to 370.

    Surely support can go into my game, collect game data, and verify how and when I upgraded my game if they can verify that I had 350 originally.

    What is weird is that I also recently leveled up. Everything else is fine. My keys are at the right number, my timber is at the right number, my coins are at the right number, my speed seed is at the right number. The only thing that messed up is my barn and silo each dropped by 20 items.

    I realize that it is only 20 items capacity for the barn and silo but to me that's a lot. I did use keys to upgrade it from 350 to 360 along with shovels, tin, nails, and padlocks. It takes a lot to earn keys so I don't have a lot of them. Then when I won the last needed items at prospector's corner when I upgraded from 360 to 370 I was so happy because I didn't have to use keys to upgrade the barn. And for it all to disappear is very frustrating.

    Since I upgraded within the last week, I would think that they can check my game data and be able to verify it.

    I'm not going to play the game until this gets resolved since I don't know if I will lose even more.

    I am also frustrated since I believe it would be an easy thing to verify and to fix for zynga support to do.

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