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Not able to get land expansion for coins

ElshaElsha Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
I have found this issue on the "ask a question" thread but not the "bugs/issue thread". Being that some people seem to have this issue and others do not it would seem to be a glitch and not intentional. If it is intentional then the wording needs to be fixed. This is rediculous. Great let me upgrade with keys before i hit the level but once i hit the level no timer or keys should apply.

For anyone looking for a work around i believe not buying an earlier piece of land will work. I was avle to skip my first piece to upgrade to my second piece (waiting for the time to run out) then when i finally went and bought the first piece the timer started for this piece. What's worse is this is a critical piece and it qill not let me buy the other land until i buy this land now.... sigh... guess I'll wait till i level up again and see how long i can work around buying this piece...
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