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Event Leader board Blank

rumkhanrumkhan Registered User Posts: 15 Pumpkin

a. A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
My Valentine's day event leaderboard and ranking are not working since Day 1. The game shows my rank as -1/0 and won't even load the points needed to move up positions. I have no idea where I currently stand on the leaderboard. I started from 0 points and got up to 11K points (screen shot). Currently I close to 20K points.

b. The error message you are seeing (if applicable).
Earn (countmore) cupid points to reach (tiername)!
Your Position -1/0
Get -9999 more points to gain -1 positions

c. One or multiple screenshots (if possible).

d. What troubleshooting steps you have completed (e.g. force-closed app and restarted game).
restarted game multiple times on all devices.
updated game on all devices

e. What's the device Model and OS version you are using (e.g iPhone 6 iOS 11.2.5).
Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1709, OS 16299.785
iPhone running IOS 12.1.4


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