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Why are requirements going up in WinterVille Games?

zupertrampzupertramp Registered User Posts: 8 Loose Cannon

I'm at Phase 2 of the games and the required amount of crafted recipes went up from 6 to 9, with the exception of the Star Fruit Parfait which only jumped to 7.

Basically when I began phase two I needed the following:
6 Buttered Tomato
6 Braised Belgian Endive
6 Star Fruit Parfait
6 Star Fruit Tart

Then I fulfilled the Buttered Tomato and Parfait amounts and it jumped to the following:
9 Buttered Tomato
9 Braised Belgian Endive
7 Star Fruit Parfait
9 Star Fruit Tart

WTF Farmville? Like seriously, I'm not spending my entire days constantly chasing your ever elusive objectives. Pick an amount and stop cheating me out of my time.


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