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Where are my rewards from the Day of the Dead event?

LentaiLentai Registered User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

I was wondering what happened to the rewards I should've gotten from the Day of the Dead event. I know that in stage 1 I didn't come anywhere near close to getting the dog, but in stage 2 I should've gotten it. I was in first position the day before the event ended and I was so far ahead that I should've gotten somewhere in the first five, and if not, I should've gotten some kind of rewards. Is it because I didn't log into the game yesterday that it made it too late to get my rewards from the event? Or, is it because I installed the new update that was sitting there today before logging into the game today? I would just like to have my well earned rewards from the event, considering how much time, keys, and coins I put into trying to get the event dog.


  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 373 Social Snowflake

    I never got mine either as the game so FKD up they not bothered to fix it for over 6 months now as keeps resetting, and most of us have not even had the boat race event thing so don't even know what thats all about now....

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