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The Boat Club Races are here!

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The Boat Club Races are here!

The Boat club leagues are here. Co-Ops from all across the globe will be competing with each other to sail up the leagues and be the best boat club of Farmville2 country escape!

If you are level 33 or higher and part of a coop, you can take part in a boat race. You will see the pop-up inviting you to the “Boat Club Races”. The feature is being rolled out slowly and this might result in a few players not being able to play the feature. We are working on getting the boat race to all you sailors at the earliest.

You can also start the event by tapping on the Boat Club Races building next to the Mastery building.

This is where you'll meet Sailor Skip McFerry, a boating legend, with decades of experience. He will tell you that now is the time to race team vs team - your co-op vs others! He will show you the ropes on what you need to learn to be the best!

Beat FarmVille's best Co-ops to win medals and enter higher Leagues! There are 5 Leagues available in the game:

  • Dinghy
  • Kayak
  • Sailboat
  • Motorboat
  • Yacht

Note: Leagues 2,3 and 4 have 3 Sub-leagues. The top 3 Cop-Ops at the end of the race move up a league, while the bottom 3 move down a league.

Climb up the Leagues to unlock the Boat Club legends. They are:

  • Sailor Skip McFerry - Amber League
  • Cadet Tulio - Sapphire League
  • Chief Ariel - Ruby League
  • Master Pippin - Diamond League

Each Boat Club Legend can be won by placing on one of the top 3 winners of the race.

Each Boat Club legend has a unique skill to help you in the game. Sailor Skip has the chance of finding Golden Gloves each time you send him foraging.

Note: Each Boat Club legend stays at the winning Co-Ops' members' farms till the next boat race end.

Simply visit the Task tab to play. The Task tab is a common pool of tasks where you and Co-Op members can pick tasks from. Pick tasks that suit your playing style! 

Finish the task within the time limit to earn Race Points for your Co-op! There are different time limits for each task.

You can do a maximum of 10 tasks per race in the Dinghy league.

You can also see the tasks that your Co-Op members have picked in the tasks active section.


Aside from regular tasks, you can also complete two more types of tasks to help your Co-Op reach its goal. They are:

Bonus Tasks

You can reach Bonus Mode by completing all your 10 available tasks. Bonus tasks are your last chance at contributing to the race. A new Bonus task appears 12hrs (in dinghy league) after you completed your current Bonus Task. Bonus Tasks cannot be discarded.

Special Task

Everybody gets their own Special Task for the week. They can be found at the bottom right of the Tasks Tab. Completing it gives a big boost of points to your Co-Op. Special tasks can be completed until the end of the race.

Can I discard a task that I started?

Yes, simply select the task and then tap on Discard.

A confirmation message will appear before the task is discarded.

Note: Each discarded task will be replaced after 30 mins. Be mindful when discarding tasks.

What is a Top Contributor?

A Top Contributor is a Co-Op member which earned the most number of points during a race. To qualify all you need to do is be in a Co-Op with 3 or more members and collect at least one Buoy during the race.

Top Contributors get to earn additional rewards at the end of each race.

Note: Only players who placed first on the Top Contributors board can get the reward.

What are the Buoys for?

Aside from a being a qualifying factor to being Top Contributor, Buoys available during a race give amazing rewards at the end of each race.

The Buoy rewards are unveiled at the end of the race. Each buoy lets you pick 1 reward out of three choices. There is a 1-day break after every race. You get two win more buoy as move up the leagues.

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