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The Animal Hotel is here!

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Marie and all the farmhands decide to go away on holiday! Unfortunately, their pets can’t go with them! So while Marie and the gang are away the pets take their very own vacation at the Animal Hotel!

Players who are Level 12 or higher will receive a pop-up invitation to join and compete with other players to run the best Animal Hotel in the county! You will need to force close the game, or even reboot your device to see the feature.

Start the Animal Hotel feature by tapping on the Pet Hotel building. Complete the 5 phases from August 10 to September 16, 2018 to win the rewards!

To complete a phase, you need to fulfill the orders that you pick from the order tab. Fulfilling orders also gives you Hospitality and Upgrade Points.

Complete all the phases to win Dog Butler which shall stay on your farm for 7 days. Win the Leaderboard event for Dog Butler to stay an additional 7 days!

Phase Rewards
Phase 1 : 2 Padlocks and 10 Speed Seed Phase 2 : 2 Barn Nails, 2 Yellow Ribbons and 5 Golden Gloves Phase 3 : 2 Padlocks, 3 Shovels and 3 Bronze Stamps Phase 4 :10 Keys and 2 Red Ribbons Phase 5 : 5 Silver Stamps, 1 Gold Stamp, 1 Blue Ribbon and the Dog Butler!

Animal Hotel Leaderboard

The Leaderboard will unlock to the players who've already won the 5 phases of The Animal Hotel.

You must win all 5 phases to qualify for the Leaderboard.

Boosts: Silver and Gold

Boosts are accessible only in the Leaderboard.

You can boost the number of Hospitality Points by 50% using Upgrade Points or by 100% with keys. There will be a timer once a boost is activated and a short cool-down period on when you can buy another boost. Boosts last for an hour, and you can only select one boost at a time (prices subject to change based on level).

Customer and Critic Orders:

Customer Orders give players both Hospitality and Upgrade points. Critic Orders, meanwhile, give players twice as many Hospitality and Upgrade points. There are only a few Critic Orders available in each phase, so make the most out of them!

Animal Lounge

Don’t forget to check out the Animal Lounge, foraging area to get rare and special items for the Animal Hotel!

Temporary Farm Hands: Hotelier Hannah and Chef Chad

You have the option to purchase Hotelier Hannah or Chef Chad to help you out in the Animal Hotel event. Both of them are adept in finding rare event items! Please be aware that they are both in your farm temporarily, and will leave your farm when the event ends.

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