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Can you boot out the hackers and cheats from my leaderboard

Granny_3Granny_3 Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

I have just reached level 31 and I am competing in the Tour de farm event against cheats and hackers well up in the level 1 and 200's. The person in 3rd position at level 86 has over 3 million tour points, 2nd place (Milly) at level 65 has 209899599 tour points and first place (Kelly) at level 254 has 2147483647 tour points. Many others I am forced to compete with have game levels well above mine.
This is just NOT FAIR.
What can you do about this? Is it possible for you to track down these ppl and boot them out of my leaderboard and out of Farmville 2 Country Escape please?


  • MariaZMariaZ Registered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious
    edited July 2018
    Yep. Zynga can do that. It's very simple actually to comb out hackers IF they implement trackers for suspicious activity ir, even simpler, if they just act every time someone sends a cheat report. Zynga can easily get to know who the cheaters are when we send them our player ID.
    But zynga won't do it. Because:
    1) zynga is the one who creates the cheaters to make legit players spend real money in the game to buy Keys and boosts to stay in the competition;
    2) zynga doesn't want to remove the cheaters because they make legit players spend real money in the game to buy Keys and boosts to stay in the competition.

    There's no other event or feature that leads to players spend more Keys than leaderboard events and the county fair, and those have the majority of cheaters of the whole game....

    Zynga will deal with this when we COMPLETELY stop playing leaderboard and the fair. Only that way they'll start to feel in their pockets their inaction towards this massive problem, because legit players will no longer spend money in the game. Until then things will remain the same.
  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 1,256 Genius Genie

    @MariaZ what you say is true. Sadly, there will always be players who will continue with leaderboards, and spending huge amounts of money on this game. The day they stop spending money, is the day zynga will scrap this game, rather than fixing the problems.

  • Sammiricki1Sammiricki1 Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Never doing Leaderboard events again. First 6 had the 2billion points and even though we worked hard to stay in Silver Zynga did not reward us with the dog

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 1,180 Assassin
    @Sammiricki1 the game is programmed to give the dog to the top 5 players, it can’t calculate on its own that your top players were cheaters with those kind of points. Zynga tech support would have needed to be informed with your coop name (if your in one) along with your player ID, before the leaderboard ends
  • GreenGreen Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited September 2018

    I just started playing the game and joined the County Fair and Kite Race. I won first place in the first two county fair races. On the third race I noticed that the competition seemed even then a couple of racers shot up to first and second with tens of thousands of points in minutes!!! I quit the third race. On the kite race, I placed 3rd and got the dog but the same thing happened. How could people shoot up to the top with tens of thousand points ahead of everyone in a minute or two even if they used boosts which I did too. I may quit this game or just play it without joining any competition.

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