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Punkte für Tour de Farm

InchenInchen Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

Wie kann es sein, gestern kam das neue Event "Tour de Farm", das jemand mit Lvl 22 sage und schreibe 532588498 Punkte hat, oder Lvl. 35 .... 2147483647 Punkte??? Sooo macht das Spiel wirklich kein Spaß mehr. Schon beim letzten Event, wo es einen Dauerhelfer zu gewinnen gab war es so. Früher hatte man noch eine Chance, aber in letzter Zeit leider nicht mehr.
Solche Spieler sind es meiner Meinung nach nicht wert geduldet zu werden.



  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 372 Social Snowflake
    edited July 2018

    Pardon for not replying in German, but mine is only good enough to understand what you wrote.

    They are cheating with external programs and hacked farms. Yes, it surely is not fun. Zynga seems to let them run rampant instead of fixing the code in the game that allows such hacks to be used. Which is a shame. Has been like that forever now. Just disregard such events if they make you upset enough that it spoils the fun from the game (which is what I have done) and enjoy the rest of the game. Don't even open the competition events or the county fair.

    When it comes to the county fair simply don't collect the prizes which will mean you will not be participating in the fair at all from then on and focus on other features that have nothing to do with competing. Your status (gold, silver, etc.) for the fair remains the same as long as you don't open the new county fair week at all (eg. don't collect the prizes from last week), so if you ever think you are ready to try again, you will continue from that level.

    Maybe there will be a day Zynga actually does something about it. At least we can dream for that to happen. The less people participate in the competition events and the fair, and the less money people use to try to beat the hackers (which will be money waisted, since they will always beat you no matter what you do), the closer we will be at achieving that. As long as people do use real money to fight the hackers, Zynga has no interest in fixing this, since it's all income for them. So, in short, if they take the fun away form the game for you, don't let them - if you don't participate you won't see them and you save yourself from getting upset.

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